Here's When Verdansk is Coming Back to MW3 Warzone

Here's when Verdansk is coming back to Warzone.
Here's when Verdansk is coming back to Warzone. / Activision

Fans have wondered when Verdansk is coming back to MW3 Warzone ever since the map left the game, with little to no updates from Activision...until now.

Despite all the changes to Call of Duty: Warzone since its release in 2020, none have ever compared to the original meta on Verdansk. Although the Battle Royale has featured numerous exciting collaborations, most recently with The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, most fans would give up the mainstream crossovers just to have Verdansk back. In fact, no matter what new maps or updates the developers deliver, the number one question from fans is always, "When is Verdansk coming back?"

Finally, after years of uncertainties, we finally have a confirmed answer.

Is Verdansk Coming Back to Warzone? Answered

Yes, Verdansk is coming back to Warzone. The developers clearly heard the public outcry for the return of the fan-favorite map, and finally, they are giving the community what they theory.

Although Verdansk is technically coming back to Warzone, the map will only be available to play on Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. The Battle Royale lobby will consist of 120 players as fans across the world battle for the win on the iconic map. With all the original POIs, including Superstore, Airport, Downtown, and more, Verdansk will be a joy to experience, even if it is only on mobile.

Here's When Verdansk is Coming Back to MW3 Warzone

Verdansk is coming back to MW3 Warzone on Mar. 21, 2024, when Warzone Mobile launches. After years of Al Mazrah and Urzikstan, fans will finally be able to drop back into the OG Warzone map in just one month.

Even those who might have no interest in playing Warzone Mobile will now want to try out the game so they can play Verdansk again. Not only will the map have its original layout, but it will also feature its original Gulag.

In the surprise announcement, the developers teased, "Will you drop in hot to a high-traffic point of interest like Superstore, gunning for an early advantage, or take a stealthier approach, playing at the edges of the circle collapse?"

Pre-register now on your Android or iOS device from either Google Play or the App Store to ensure your spot in a Verdansk lobby come release day.