High On Life Luglox Locations: Slums

High On Life, Squanch Games' comedic, sci-fi action-adventure game, was released on Dec. 13, 2022.
High On Life, Squanch Games' comedic, sci-fi action-adventure game, was released on Dec. 13, 2022. / Squanch Games, screenshot by Ralston Dacanay

In High On Life, players are invited to try their hand at hunting down Luglox chests secretly hidden in each of the game's main locations.

Finding and opening Luglox isn't just important for achievement hunters, however, since they can contain around 100-200 Pesos each, or even Warp Crystals. Ultimately, you will need to pickup Knifey even before you can open any of Luglox, and some are impossible to reach entirely without upgrades like the jetpack.

For those determines to get the job done, here's a breakdown of how to find all 26 of the Luglox in Slums in High On Life.

High On Life Luglox Locations: Blim City Slums

For the purposes of this guide, we'll be telling you how to grab all of the Luglox in one route, but it does require the jetpack, unfortunately:

  1. From the chainlink fence entrance, turn left and jump off the boardwalk to down in front of the big, blue metal face statue and look inside its mouth.
  2. Fly back to the boardwalk, and make your way down to the muddy beach on the right. Press the button by the shack to create a zipline. Take it, then use Kenny’s Trick Hole ability to launch yourself over to the next Luglox.
  3. Hit the button close by and take the zipline across. Fly over the wall and look under the pipe to the left of the teleporter.
  4. Turn around and take the zipline up to where the 9-Torg boss fight takes place. Fly to the platform on the left.
  5. Go back and take the zipline again. Instead of going back to teleporter, jump off the zipline and fly to the white truck in the sludge. Make your way to the colored metal sheets, go straight and grapple to the second floor of the structure to your right.
  6. Turn around, jump down and hug the right until you see another Luglox partly hidden behind some boxes in the corner.
  7. Turn around, go straight to the furthest part of the boardwalk and jump and fly up to the elevated zipline and grapple to the right. Take it all the way up then turn left and jump down to the platform. Use Kenny’s Trick Hole ability as needed to cross the path.
  8. Turn left, jump on the roof, turn right and fly to the ledge where a random green dude is standing.
  9. Turn left and fly across to the blue, white and red building.
  10. Go straight ahead and around the corner, jump across the two colored metal sheets and enter the Bubble Buds laundromat. Look in the right corner of the room.
  11. Head back out where you came from and go diagonally left to the green, grey and purple metal cylinder. Hug its side and go directly behind it. There will be a crouch space to enter it.
  12. Head back out to the Bubble Buds laundromat. Use the Grapplebug next to the blue, green and purple pipes to grapple up to some orange metal containers. The Lugbox will be in the middle one.
  13. Head out and go towards the Uptown sign, jumping on the blue structure with four windows. On the part of the structure with the red, blue, yellow, brown, grey and green sheet, turn around and jump to the other green metal sheet. Fly up one level, then fly another level to the metal box with a neon light inside.
  14. Turn around and jump all the way down to the bridge with yellow metal slabs. Once you get to the wood part, look under it.
  15. Turn around, and follow the boardwalk, go up the ramp, and turn left.
  16. Turn around and hug the concrete wall on the left to the furthest part of the boardwalk. Jump and use the Grapplebug, grapple the left wall and use the mag boots to make your way to Uptown. Head toward the Space Applebee's but look for a white High On Life sign with a pink outline on the right wall. Climb it and go up two levels to an aqua blue gradient awning. Walk across it, jump and take the elevated zipline, jump off it to the wooden bridge and look to the right by the green-and-white umbrella.
  17. Go straight and jump down to the dark orange platform. Fly into the blue, turquoise and lime green pipe and walk to the dead end.
  18. Head back out and fly onto the truck in the sludge. Look slightly left and make your way across onto the pink, lime green, purple and orange sign. Make your way up to the ledge of the apartment and look to the seating area on the left.
  19. Go down to the dumpsters on the left of the Space Applebee's and look in the left corner.
  20. Turn around, jump on the orange dumpster, jump on the grey concrete row, fly onto the grey concrete row above, turn left and fly on the metal fence and fly to the roof of the Space Applebee's. Look at the left billboard.
  21. Go down to the roof and down again to the left onto the outside seating area. Look to the right by the green-and-white umbrella.
  22. Turn left, jump down and go down one more level to the sand and look by the green pipe under the the boardwalk.
  23. Turn left, jump up to the boardwalk and continue straight. Jump over the red metal container, walk a bit more and you should see the Luglox's antennae poking out.
  24. Turn right, jump down to the boardwalk, look to the right and fly across a short distance to a small patch of sand surrounded by two concrete walls.
  25. Turn around, jump back to the boardwalk, take the ramp on your right up, jump to the top of the red structure on your left, and jump off the top of that to the roof of the blue structure.
  26. Turn around and take the zipline, follow the patch all the way to the green-and-white umbrella next to an opening of the rope enclosure, jump down to the blue floor. Turn around, turn left and look next to the red guy sitting.

High On Life is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (via Microsoft Store, Steam and Epic Games Store).

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