Apex Legends

Hilarious Apex Legends Bug Blocks Loba's View With Her Body

A new Loba bug appears to obscure her view with her breasts.
A new Loba bug appears to obscure her view with her breasts. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Every game has its fair share of bugs and glitches, but some are more ridiculous than others. This pertains to Apex Legends and its many characters as well. Loba was famous for having a bug with her teleport ability for an entire season, and now yet another bug is plaguing the Legend. This bug seems to occur when Loba picks up the Prowler with the Wraith Bringer skin on it. Doing this may result in the player being able to see what looks like the top of Loba's breasts at the bottom of their screen.

Apex Legends player u/Spines_N_Spooks posted footage of the bug in action to the game's subreddit earlier this week.

Although this bug is more ridiculous than harmful to gameplay, facing yet another glitch with their character of choice will surely frustrate Loba players. Loba had already dealt with an annoying glitch for months, and of all characters it is really unfortunate something like this would happen to her.

This bug will not impact much in terms of gameplay, but it is hard to imagine Respawn would want any characters to have parts of their body obstructing any part of the screen.

This is just one of many bugs players are currently experiencing in the game, including Valkyrie's ultimate putting players under the map. As the new season, Emergence, rolls out, bugs will be undoubtedly be found, and unluckily for Loba she is yet again at the mercy of yet another unintended "feature."