Hitman 3 Silent Assassin Requirements

Hitman 3 Silent Assassin rating requirements
Hitman 3 Silent Assassin rating requirements / IO Interactive

Hitman 3 welcomes a variety of playstyles that allow players to approach missions in several different ways. Certain playstyles award the player with a higher mission rating and are considered more impressive than others. The highest rating that can be earned in Hitman 3 is Silent Assassin.

Hitman 3 Silent Assassin Requirements

Silent Assassin is the highest rating a player can earn in Hitman 3 because it is considerably difficult to pull off. There are several requirements for Silent Assassin and failing to meet just one of them ruins the rating. Here are the requirements for a Silent Assassin rating in Hitman 3:

  • Only eliminate the target(s)
  • Prevent non-target deaths
  • Do not get spotted
  • Have no witnesses
  • Have no bodies found
  • Do not get caught on camera

The simplest requirement for Silent Assasin is to only eliminate the targets in each mission. Any NPCs that must be subdued for progressing in the mission should be rendered unconscious. If the target is eliminated in an accident, ensure that there are no bystanders who meet the same fate.

Not getting spotted means that you blend in perfectly with the environment and draw little to no attention to yourself. This can be done by not arousing suspicion at all costs. Do not perform questionable activities in front of any NPCs and avoid anyone that can see through your disguise.

Having no witnesses means no one sees the elimination of the target. Many mission outcomes entail the target being eliminated in front of a large crowd or in someone else's presence. This challenge requires that you only pursue outcomes where the target is eliminated in private.

Make sure to leave no bodies found anywhere on the map. Even unconscious bodies will arouse suspicion and ignite a search. There are a number of closets, lockers, and crates that you can safely hide bodies in.

Finally, there are certain areas in every map of Hitman 3 containing security cameras that will record you without warning as soon as you enter them. To earn Silent Assassin you must avoid venturing into these areas while still eliminating the target. If you do happen to get caught on camera, finding and destroying the footage will retain a Silent Assassin rating.

Hitman 3 is available now on all platforms in Standard or Deluxe editions.