Horizon Completely Cancels Newcastle's Ultimate Ability in Apex Legends

"Today, I learned Horizon can cancel a Newcastle ult."
"Today, I learned Horizon can cancel a Newcastle ult." / Image courtesy of Car0nix, Respawn Entertainment

Less than a week into Apex Legends: Saviors, it appears players have already found the best way to counter Newcastle's ultimate ability Castle Wall.

The latest name to join Respawn Entertainment's roster of Legends in the ever-popular battle royale, Newcastle is a Defensive-class character whose kit revolves around protecting allies from gunfire and reviving teammates in safe positions. Perhaps the most interesting ability Newcastle brings to the table is his Castle Wall ultimate, which allows him to quickly navigate as needed to promptly drop a wall and reset a fight or save a teammate who just got caught out.

Thanks to this clip showcased by Redditor Car0nix, however, it appears Newcastle's ultimate can easily be stopped altogether by Horizon.

In the minute-long clip, Car0nix shows how if a Horizon uses her Black Hole ultimate right where Newcastle is trying to place his Castle Wall, he'll get interrupted and just give up entirely.

Thankfully, at the very least, Newcastle's ult just gets reset back to 70% in this instance.

According to other players, it appears the dynamic between the two goes both ways as if Horizon's Black Hole is still barely deploying, Newcastle's Castle Wall slam landing first can cause her ult to break as well.

Ultimately, it is interesting that this currently occurs, and one can only wonder whether or not this was intended by Respawn Entertainment.

Aside from this specific maneuver, the best commonly available ways to deal with Newcastle's walls are simply chucking 'nades over it and finding angles on its sides.

The Castle Wall has three tall sections and two short sections, giving its users options to hide or peek out for pop shots. Each section has 756 health and can be taken down individually via gunfire or two melee attacks. Lastly, the wall is also electrified on placement, meaning that, like Wattson's Perimeter Security, it will damage and stun enemy players who touch it.