How Do Chrome Vortexs Work in Fortnite?

How Do Chrome Vortexs Work in Fortnite
How Do Chrome Vortexs Work in Fortnite / Epic Games

One major addition in Fortnite this season has been the Chrome Vortexs throughout the island.

Fortnite is in the midst of Chapter 3 Season 4 in the game, with big changes coming throughout the season like the chrome slowly taking over the island. How the chrome vortex works and where players can find them is a big question for gamers.

How Do Chrome Vortexs Work in Fortnite?

Finding and entering a Chrome Vortex has been part of a challenge in the game. The chrome vortex is an addition in the game that replaced the tornadoes from past seasons. Chrome Vortexs are normal tornados that are now spinning chrome around the map.

The Chrome Vortexs gives players the ability to chrome-ify in the game and move faster. The tornadoes typically spawn in one of two locations, by Shiny Sound or by Herald's Sanctum.

Once you find the vortex all you have to do is keep going toward it until it picks you up. Once you are in the air players will be able to travel with the vortex until they choose to leave it by simply gliding out into a different direction.

The Chrome Vortex is a great revamp in the game. Not only does it add great mobility to players hoping to travel throughout the match, additionally it continues to add to the chrome feature in the game.

While the details for next season are unknown, players can still enjoy new features in the game right now. There is a Star Wars event going on right now with Skywalker Week, and players can unlock a cool Pickle Rick Back Bling in the game.