How to Earn Pickle Rick Back Bling in Fortnite

Epic Games

Although Fortnitemares 2022 has come to an end, Epic Games has added new quests to Fortnite's Zero Build Horde Rush, which will continue through November. The limited-time reward for completing the Horde Rush is the new Pickle Ring Back Bling. Here's what you need to know to earn it.

The Zero Build Horde Rush can be selected through the quest page. To complete it, you'll need to survive through hordes of Cube Monsters while collecting combos and score multipliers in preparation for the final boss, all without the aid of building.

How to Earn Pickle Rick Back Bling in Fortnite

There are several quests to complete within the Zero Build Horde Rush, and completing eight of them will grant you the Pickle Rick Back Bling. Here's a full list of quest challenges needed to complete for this reward.

  • Collect score multipliers
  • Open 45 chests in Horde Rush
  • Deal melee damage to Cube Monster spawners
  • Earn 2,000,000 combined team points
  • Earn a Team Score of at least 350,000 in a single match
  • Earn a x50 KO Streak
  • Eliminate 500 Cube Monsters
  • Get 70 headshots on Cube Monsters in a single match
  • Eliminate 100 ranged Cube Monsters with Sideways weapons

Once eight of these challenges are complete, the Pickle Rick Back Bling will be earned for free. The Zero Build Horde Rush will end on Nov. 15. Epic Games has noted that the Pickle Rick Back Bling may be obtainable again through the item shop after the Horde Rush has ended, but no further details have been released.