How Does Supercharged Work in MLB The Show 23?

San Diego Studios

Diamond Dynasty Supercharged players is a returning feature for MLB The Show 23, but San Diego Studios has opted to slightly tweak its system.

In general, Supercharged players refers to a large boost for a player's in game rating after overperforming in real life games. Therefore, if a player on your team performs well during a regular season MLB game, then they will see their rating and attributes increase immensely.

This system will be set in place for opening day in the MLB today, as the top 15 performers from all the games will receive the Supercharged boost.

Here is how Supercharged players will work in MLB The Show 23.

How Does Supercharged Work in MLB The Show 23?

One change regarding Supercharged players this year is that all ratings will change the following weekday after a game at 1 p.m. ET. Furthermore, a player's Supercharged rating will increase to 99 overall and will last for five days. This is a longer duration than previous iterations of the Supercharged system, so players can enjoy their boosted player for a little bit longer.

It is important to note that there will be a weekly fan vote on Twitter, which will allow fans to pick a Supercharged Player of the Week. The winner of this fan vote will become Supercharged for an entire week, which ensures that there will always be at least one Supercharged player available daily.