How Fortnite Chapter 2 Revitalized A Stale Game

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Fortnite Chapter 2 has been out for a month, and players and professionals have taken to the seemingly refreshed version of the game. No game in recent memory has become so popular and infiltrated the mainstream the way Fortnite has.

The obvious new feature is a new map, which feels like how developer Epic Games should have made to begin. Epic could not have known how big Fortnite would become, so the map they originally had began feeling stale. Season 10 was the real season that made the game begin to feel sour. It seemed like the developers were slacking in terms of giving players what they want. It was time for a change.

New Features in Fortnite: Chapter 2

Off the bat, the most obvious change is the giant new map. Although some areas, like Retail Row, have remained on the map, there are plenty of new areas to explore. The reshuffling makes it feel super fresh. Included in the new update is the added feature of swimming. Now the player can jump off high cliffs and dive straight into a river of water.

In terms of fan service, Epic released a simpler weapons array and updated the graphics. Farming for materials feels much better with the graphics update. Some new features in the game includes fishing for weapons or fish, a driveable boat, and a system where you earn XP throughout the match. Players can earn XP by farming materials, getting enough kills, and looting.

A great new feature in the game is when a chest or ammo box is sitting on something farm-able, you can just break the object they are sitting on and the loot will automatically come out, no opening needed.

More new features include being able to hide in dumpsters or haystacks, buffing up your weapons at a workbench, and having players shoot at gas tanks or barrels and making them explode. Players can also pick up downed players and toss them somewhere else. A great new weapon, the bandage bazooka, can heal either yourself or teammates with a blast, although it takes up two combat spots.

Learning from Previous Seasons

Some complaints about the previous season (and why Chapter 2 had to be fresh) were too many different types of weapons, the introduction of mech suits, and the change in building settings. Graphics were becoming stale as well. The game was just too familiar after 10 seasons, and even the pros streaming on Twitch and making Youtube videos were not having fun anymore.

Fortnite: Chapter 2 is a promising addition to Epic's juggernaut of a game, and if you pick and play now, it will feel like a whole new experience.

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