How Long is a Warzone Match?

How long is a Warzone Match? It all depends on how long you stay alive.
How long is a Warzone Match? It all depends on how long you stay alive. /

How long is a Warzone match? If you happen to be one of the millions of new players enjoying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Warzone, you may be asking yourself - how long will I be playing? The straightest answer to that question is: it depends.

Warzone currently has four modes running concurrently - Quads, Trios, Solos, and Plunder Duos. You might expect that Solos, a game mode where you typically do not have to worry about carrying (or being carried) teammates to be the fastest pace mode out of the bunch. Unfortunately, Solos tends to be the exact opposite; a slog-fest plagued by campers and individual players hiding in every dark closet and hidden nook possible, waiting for some unfortunate passerby to wander in front of their crosshairs.

How Long is a Warzone Match?

Taking advantage of the slow-paced nature of Solos - if you are a rather aggressive player - can rack you up a very large number of kills and produce some exciting and fast-paced gameplay if you are continually on the hunt. Keep in mind that solos have the added drawback of being heavily affected by Skill Based Match Making (SBMM) more so than Trios or Quads, and that your skill bracket at the higher levels will tend to have more competitive faster-paced matches. 

On average, you could expect a moderately-paced game of Warzone to last roughly 25-30 minutes. This ranks well above the average of other Battle Royale games such as Apex Legends (15-20 mins) and Fortnite (15 mins). Due to the gigantic nature of the map, huge player count (150 simultaneous players), and opportunities to self-redeploy (Gulag, self-revive kits) and have teammates buy you back into the match, the possibility for full squads to make a comeback at full strength as long as only one player survives plays a huge factor in overall game time. 

Plunder Duos is a little different in that you and your team have unlimited redeploys. The win-condition for this game mode is simply - money. Since it is incredibly difficult to make safe money drops without being killed, sniped, or straight out robbed, matches could possibly last a very long time.

No matter what mode you choose to grind out in Warzone - Solo or with a group of friends, be ready to strap in and enjoy the slightly longer ride on this recent take on the Battle Royale genre. That is if you can survive until the end.