How Many Bosses Are in Valheim?

How many bosses are in Valheim?
How many bosses are in Valheim? / Photo by Iron Gate Studio

Wondering how many bosses are in Valheim? Valheim is a Viking survival game where players must use their ingenuity to endure the world around them. Bosses can be found in the different biomes that make up the procedurally generated world of Valheim.

While they are entirely optional, boss battles can yield large rewards for players who are up for the challenge. This includes a trophy for the boss and rare loot that can be used to craft powerful items and weapons. Defeating a boss also acquires their power, which can aid survival in the harsh Valheim environment.

How Many Bosses Are in Valheim

There are currently five bosses that can be encountered in Valheim. Each boss can be found in a specific biome and must be summoned with the help of specific items. Here are the five bosses in the order that you can face them:

1. Eikthyr

  • Description: A giant black deer with gleaming red eyes and chains adoring his antlers
  • Location: Meadows
  • Rewards: Eikthyr trophy, Eikthyr power, Hard antlers
  • Power: Increased stamina while running and jumping

2. The Elder

  • Description: A towering figure that resembles a humanoid tree
  • Location: The Black Forest
  • Rewards: Elder trophy, Elder power, Swamp Key
  • Power: Increased wood cutting speed

3. Bonemass

  • Description: A hulking swamp monster seemingly composed of slime and algae
  • Location: Swamp
  • Rewards: Bonemass trophy, Bonemass power, Wishbone
  • Power: Increased resistance to physical damage

4. Moder

  • Description: A fearsome dragon that resides at the top of a mountain
  • Location: Mountain
  • Rewards: Moder trophy, Moder power, Dragon tears
  • Power: Keeps the wind at your back while sailing, no matter the direction

5. Yagluth

  • Description: An evil, supernatural skeleton that wears a crown and is just a torso
  • Location: Plains
  • Rewards: Yagluth trophy, Yagluth power, New material (not yet implemented in the game; to be determined)
  • Power: Reduced damage from elemental attacks (fire, frost, poison, etc.)

Each boss in Valheim is more difficult to defeat than the previous one, so make sure that your abilities and gear are strong enough to contest with them. Valheim is currently in its early access phase and is available exclusively on Steam.