How Many Stages Are There in Magic Survival?

Photo courtesy of LEME.

Magic Survival is a casual action-rougelike game available for Android users on the Google Play store. The work the player must put in is simple: steer the Subject character away from the hoards of enemies chasing after you, and upgrade your magical abilities to destroy these enemies. The fun of the game is watching the seemingly endless amount of enemies disappear when you've created the perfect build to destroy them.

While Magic Survival is a free-to-play mobile game, don't let that make you think the game is lacking in any quality. Magic Survival offers a fun, casual experience for players interested in the game. One thing it offers is multiple stages for the player to experience. How many stages are there in Magic Survival?

How Many Stages Are There In Magic Survival?

There are five stages in Magic Survival. Each stage has unique backgrounds, events, and enemies for the player to encounter. New stages are unlocked depending on how long the player is able to survive in one of the stages.

Magic Survival is currently only available for Android users, and there is no information on if it will ever be released for other platforms. While it has not been updated in over a year, the developer LEME does have a Reddit page where updates to the game were posted.