How Old is Nessa in Pokemon Sword and Shield?


How old is Nessa in Pokemon Sword and Shield? Not a surprising question since gamers are always wondering when it comes to female characters in video games.

The same thing happened in Fortnite for Lynx.

How Old is Nessa in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Like every Pokemon game before it, ages are never really stated. If you base it off of other gym leaders like Misty, who was age 12 in the T.V. show and 13 in the manga, Nessa could be around the same age.

It's not specified, so maybe Nessa is actually older. But highly unlikely as the target age group is teenager, so expect the heroes to be around the same age besides a few adults sprinkled in.

E3 had many announcements for Pokemon Sword and Shield, some of them not well received, but there were popular ones as well.

UPDATE: Nov. 15, 2019

Since the game has launched, the information for Nessa has grown. But not all of it has been confirmed by Nintendo. Many speculate the gym leader is 21 years old. We know from the game that she was born and raised in the Galar region with her brother Marlon. Eventually, her brother left to travel the world and she stayed to help run the gym. She is a water type gym leader and players end up facing her as the second gym on the adventure.

Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company/Nintendo