How to Add Friends on Halo Infinite

Photo by Xbox/Halowaypoint

Adding Friends on Halo Infinite, being a cross-platform game, can be confusing. Cross-platform games are great for friends who don't share the same platform and still want to play together. For Halo Infinite, PC players can add Xbox friends, and PC players can also add friends through steam or discord.

Here's a guide on adding friends on Halo Infinite:

How to Add Friends on Halo Infinite

1. Adding Xbox Friends on Xbox

To play with your friends on Halo Infinite, you can add them on Xbox with their gamertag or in-game. To add them on Xbox, press the Xbox button on your controller and go to the 'People' tab. Select 'Find Someone' and add them by their gamertag. You can select on your friends gamertag and invite them to a party.

2. Adding PC Friends on Xbox

Before Xbox players can add their PC friends in the game, the PC player must have the Xbox Console Companion. In a game lobby, the Xbox player can press 'X' to open their gaming session part, click on their own gamertag and select 'Find Players'. Here you can put in their Xbox Live gamertag. You can click on their name, add them and when accepted you can add them to a party or join theirs.

3. Adding Xbox Friends on PC

To add Xbox Friends on PC, you first need the Xbox Console Companion. This application is usually on a PC if you have installed Windows. Open the Xbox Console Companion and search their gamertag on the right panel under 'Friends & Clubs'. This search will find the gamertag under your friends list first. Click the search button again to search all of Xbox. Click on your Xbox friend and add them. They will receive a notification that you added them.

4. Adding Friends on Discord and Steam

PC Players can add friends through Steam and Discord. To do so, press the 'Tab' button to open up your social menu. Press the 'G' button or 'Add Friends' and select either Steam or Discord.

On Steam, a window will pop up for existing Steam friends you can add in the game.

To add friends on Discord, open discord and go to the friend or server you wish to send the invite to. A small text under the message box will appear if you have Halo Infinite open saying 'Halo Infinite supports game invites'. Click the '+' and you can send them an invite.