How to Beat Captain Ferris in Callisto Protocol

Courtesy of Striking Distance Studios/Krafton

The final boss fight against Captain Ferris is the final task in Callisto Protocol before players finish the game.

Throughout Callisto Protocol, players will be tasked with fighting groups of enemies and occasionally bosses. Although difficult, players can get through these challenges with simple planning and a decent guide. One of the harder bosses of the game comes at the end when players are tasked with taking down Captain Ferris in one last confrontation.

Here is everything you need to know to take down Captain Ferris at the end of Callisto Protocol.

How to Beat Captain Ferris in Callisto Protocol

Before the fight even starts, players will find themselves in a reforge station. Since this is the last encounter of the game, it would benefit players if they spent their remaining credits before the boss fight.

Players will quickly realize when they trigger the boss fight that it starts off exactly the same as at the end of chapter seven where dodging Ferris' attacks and countering with a full melee combo is enough. Players should also conserve their ammo for the next phase which is much harder.

Ferris will transform after taking enough damage and will grow a shield over his face, meaning players need to destroy the shield before doing serious damage to Ferris. Since this is the end of the game, throwing everything you have at him should be your top priority. With enough persistence, players should be able to take him down.