How to Break the Crack on the Floor Outside the Shrine in God of War Ragnarök

Santa Monica Studio | Screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs

Stumped on how to break the cracked floor outside the shrine in God of War Ragnarök? Don't worry, we've got the solution for you.

God of War Ragnarök offers vast locations with plenty to explore. Those that take the time to uncover all the available areas will find themselves often rewarded for their efforts as various items and chests are often located in areas off the beaten path. Some of these explorable areas are sometimes tricky to access. One such area is located beneath a cracked floor outside of the shrine that can be found early on in the game.

How to Break the Crack on the Floor Outside the Shrine in God of War Ragnarök

Breaking the cracked floor may seem confusing at first, but the solution is more simple than you'd think. Players will first need to climb over some ledges to the left of the floor and then make their way to the ledge overlooking the cracked floor. Once there, look down at the floor and a button prompt should appear over the crack. Once pressed, Kratos will leap in the air and smash through the floor.

And voila! Your cracked floor conundrum has been solved! Once through the floor, players will find a chest containing Hacksilver and crafting components to the left of them.

Aside from exploring every nook and cranny, players can also find useful items by completing various tasks such as unlocking Rune Chests. These chests can prove to be quite the challenge though as players will have to figure out how to open them. Luckily for those finding themselves lost trying to open the various Rune chests located throughout the nine realms, we have the guides you're looking for below.