How to Catch Squirtle in Pokemon GO

How to Catch Squirtle in Pokemon GO
How to Catch Squirtle in Pokemon GO / Photo by Niantic Labs/ The Pokemon Company

Trainers are looking at how to catch Squirtle in Pokemon GO as part of the 5-Year Anniversary Challenge. 

Squirtle, alongside 18 other Pokemon are officially part of the 5-Year Anniversary celebration in Pokemon GO. As part of the event, trainers have been entrusted with completing a Collection Challenge that features every starter implemented in the game since its launch in 2016. As one of the original starter Pokemon, Squirtle is part of this exclusive list.

We’ve broken down how to get Squirtle in Pokemon GO.

How to Catch Squirtle in Pokemon GO

Like many of the Pokemon on this list, there are three ways to catch Squirtle in the Pokemon GO Anniversary event:

  • Players can find a Squirtle in the wild
  • Players can utilize a lure
  • Players can get it from the field research task - ‘Catch 5 Pokemon’

Although fairly straightforward— and more often than not it is— trainers should keep in mind that every featured Pokemon on the list can be attracted by lures or offered in the research’s reward. This includes the 5-Year Balloon Pikachu, which’s 18 other Pokemon total on the list with the same chance of spawning. 

There are reports from trainers that specific research tasks will offer exclusive encounters with a specific region. This has yet to be confirmed.