How to Catch Turtwig in Pokemon GO

Here's how to catch Turtwig, the Tiny Leaf Pokemon
Here's how to catch Turtwig, the Tiny Leaf Pokemon / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Many trainers are wondering how to catch Turtwig in Pokemon GO to complete the Pokemon GO Fifth-Anniversary Collection Challenge.

To celebrate five years since its release, Pokemon GO is challenging all trainers to capture every starter Pokemon that’s been added to the game, from Bulbasaur to Froakie. Trainers will encounter starter Pokemon in the wild, around lure modules, and as rewards for completing Field Research missions. Turtwig and its Sinnoh region siblings, Chimchar and Piplup, are part of the collection challenge.

Here's how to add Turtwig to your collection.

How to Catch Turtwig in Pokemon GO

Trainers will not be able to encounter Turtwig in the wild. Instead, the only ways to find Turtwig are to attract it with a lure module, or encounter it as a Field Research mission reward. It's one of the harder Pokemon to capture during the collection challenge.

Lure modules are your best bet for finding a Turtwig. All 18 starter Pokemon in Pokemon GO have boosted spawn rates near lure modules, and Niantic has increased lure module duration to one hour for the duration of the event, so don't be afraid to place your lures.

Another way to obtain Turtwig is to encounter it as a Field Research mission reward. During this event, the three Sinnoh region starters are included as rewards for the “Make 5 great throws” mission.

Turtwig's Pokedex number is 387. Also known as the "Tiny Leaf" Pokemon, Turtwig photosynthesizes sunlight using its body, and the leaf on its head will wilt if it is thirsty. Trainers can evolve Turtwig into Grotle with 25 candy, and then into Torterra with another 100 candy.

By catching Turtwig, trainers can progress toward the Fifth-Anniversary Collection Challenge reward, which includes a flying Pikachu encounter, 80 Poke Balls, and 3 Rare Candy.

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