How to Change Outfits in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Photo via Nintendo / The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is one of the first new Pokémon games that allows players to change their outfits and actually see it. So, how do you change your outfit in Pokémon Legends Arceus?

In this game, players can now customize their clothing that they earn during adventures. The clothing in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is sorted by hats, shirts, pants, uniforms, sandals, glasses, and contacts.

Players unlock a few things during the tutorial and first few moments of the game. Below, you can check out how to change your outfit in the newest Pokémon game.

How to Change Outfits in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

1. Go to Jubilife Village

To change your outfits in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, players will have to travel back home to Jubilife Village.

2. Enter Your Bedroom

From there, head towards your bedroom.

Once you get there, you'll find a lot of stuff, including a large mirror on the back wall.

3. Interact With the Mirror

Once you interact with the mirror, a menu will open that allows players to change their outfits.

In this menu, players are given a ton of different options to edit their character, from clothing to eye color.

While playing the game, you'll unlock outfits, and those outfits will be immediately sent to your wardrobe at home.