How to Change Your Name in NBA 2K22

Photo courtesy of 2K

Some players aren't too happy with their original MyPlayer name while others are just looking to switch up a name they have now become bored of. Nevertheless, players are looking for ways to change the name. Look no further, here's how players can change their MyPlayer name in NBA 2K22:

How to Change Your Name in NBA 2K22

While players won't like the answer, the only way to definitively change one's MyPlayer name in NBA 2K22 is by starting MyCareer from scratch and creating a new save file. Many players have already invested too much time, VC, or both into MyCareer to start fresh and are looking for an alternative. Fortunately, one does exist though it's not nearly as comprehensive of a change as the first option.

This step won't change someone's MyPlayer name, though it will change what everyone in-game calls them, even the play-by-play announcers. In order to make this change, a MyPlayer will have to make it into the NBA. From there merely follow these simple steps:

How to Change Your Name in NBA 2K22
To change their name players will have to start MyCareer all over again / Photo courtesy of 2K

First players will want to go to The City main menu, pause the game, and select Options/Quit. Following that players will navigate to the Settings tab and under the Settings tab find Secondary Nickname. Here is where players can change what they are called and, as an additional bonus, can also change their MyPlayer's social media handle too.

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