How to Check Temtem's Server Status

Courtesy of Crema

Temtem players might be wondering how they can check the game's server status. Since the multiplayer component of Temtem is so important, players should know how to see if the game is currently down and when it will be back online.

Coming out of Steam Early Access only a few days ago, Temtem has seen immense success, marketing itself as a massively-multiplayer-online version of classic creature-collection games similar to Pokémon and Digimon. The multiplayer component makes a huge difference, though, allowing players to explore the vast open-world and complete quests alongside friends. But, in order to play with friends, the game's multiplayer servers must be up and working.

How to Check Temtem's server status

In order to check Temtem's server status at any given time, players can check the Temtem Server Status Twitter account, @maintemnance. There, the development team will update players whenever the servers go down and when they get back up. Occasionally the server will go down for maintenance and other times unforseen issues will cause server shut down.

Players don't need to keep track of this Twitter account every time they want to play Temtem, rather it's a good resource to check whenever players are having server issues. It can help verify whether the issue you are having playing Temtem is a localized problem or one everyone else is also experiencing.