How to Complete 'Locate and Destroy Bugs' in Gotham Knights

Locate and Destroy Bugs Gotham Knights
Locate and Destroy Bugs Gotham Knights / WB Games

Batman fans have been enjoying the release of Gotham Knights since WB Games released the latest Batman game on Oct. 21, 2022, but how to locate and destroy bugs in the game has been a complicated issue.

In Gotham Knights, Batman has died, leaving the responsibility of protecting Gotham to the Bat Family. One early mission in the game has to do with locating and destroying bugs.

Locate and Destroy Bugs Gotham Knights

While trying to talk with The Penguin in The iceberg Lounge, players will need to first destroy three bugs located within his office. To locate and destroy the bugs players must scan them in different locations, luckily we know where to find them.

The first bug can be found by the lamp on The Penguin's desk. By scanning the lamp and then interacting with it you can destroy the bug. Another bug location is across from where he sits in the room. There is a bust of The Penguin which has a bug in it as well. Once you scan and interact with it the bug will be destroyed.

The other bug can be found near the plant beneath the Penguin's portrait. Yep, a lot of the items in his office have to do with himself. This final bug can be found behind the Penguin's desk. Once all three bugs are found and destroyed, players will be able to continue on with the mission

Players will want to check out Gotham Knights sooner rather than later as it is one of the most talked about DC games WB Games has put out as of late. The game might not be available on every console, but it is on PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S, as well as PC.