How to Complete 'Search for Clues in the Vault' in Gotham Knights

How to Complete 'search for clues in the vault' in Gotham Knights
How to Complete 'search for clues in the vault' in Gotham Knights / WB Games

WB Games latest hit Gotham Knights has many objectives to keep players entertained for hours, one big mission to complete has to do with searching for clues in a vault, so let's go over all the clues and where to find them.

Gotham Knights released on Oct. 21, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The game follows the Bat Family as they work to protect the city of Gotham after the death of Batman. One important mission takes heroes to the vault in Mr. Freeze's lab.

How to Complete "Search for Clues in the Vault" in Gotham Knights

There are three clues players will need to find in the lab by scanning their surroundings. Those clues are a notepad, blueprint, and a dictaphone. All three are in the vault which luckily is not that large so this shouldn't take that long, it will just take some time to scan each individual item.

The blueprint can be found on the wall near the entrance to the vault. Then after scanning the blueprint, to the left on a desk there is a small dictaphone used to record notes.

The final clue, the notepad, is found on the floor to eh left of the frozen scientist within the vault. Scanning all of these clues will get you through the mission and one step closer to finding Mr. Freeze.

There are a lot of tough missions players will have to complete in Gotham Knights, like locating and destroying bugs for example. Players will have a lot of missions to complete and can switch characters along the way.