Apex Legends

How to Complete the Giant Nessie Easter Egg in Apex Legends

Wattson and Nessie Plushies
Wattson and Nessie Plushies / Credit to EA/Respawn

Revealing lore about characters or a game's setting through in game Easter eggs is a fairly common practice in Battle Royale games, and Apex Legends is no different in this regard. The giant Nessie Easter egg is one of Apex Legends' oldest examples of this, but players who have never seen the Easter egg can still complete it nearly two years after its original discovery.

To complete the Easter egg, players must discover and shoot 10 different Loch Ness Monster plushy toys hidden across King's Canyon in a specific order. After the last small Nessie plushy has been found and shot a giant Nessie plushy will surface from the coast of King's Canyon just off the edge of Swamps. The Nessie plushies have been moved around somewhat since their original discovery because of map changes.

In the lore of Apex Legends, Wattson actually placed these plushies around King's Canyon as she grew up in the area. There are also Nessies hidden around the firing range which is separate from the King's Canyon map, but is implied to exist on the same world, Solace.

Nessie Plushy Locations on King's Canyon

The Nessie plushies are scattered all across King's Canyon, so it is definitely recommended to attempt this Easter egg with a full squad and designate certain numbers as each player's responsibility. Given the locations of each Nessie, the best way to organize the hunt is to have one player cover Nessies 1,3 and 6, the second player find Nessies 2,5 and 9 and the last player to find Nessies 4/7/8 and 10. Remember that the Nessie plushies must be shot in order, so do not shoot them before communicating with your squad.

Here are all of the locations of the Nessie plushies as of Season 10 in Apex Legends.

  • 1. Underneath the northernmost building in Containment (Formerly Cascades)
  • 2. On a precarious cliff just south of Salvage (Formerly Skulltown)
  • 3. On the western outskirts of Spotted Lake (Formerly Slum Lakes)
  • 4. West of the Broken Relay in the north east corner of the map (Formerly Relay)
  • 5. Just outside the Caustic Treatment Plant (Formerly Water Treatment)
  • 6. Near the respawn beacon east of Runoff
  • 7. At the bottom of the rocks east of Capacitor and North of Swamps (Formerly near Wetlands)
  • 8. On the eastern outskirts of Hydro Dam and just south of Swamps
  • 9. Southeast of Bunker just beyond the curve in the river
  • 10. On the eastern coast of Swamps

If everything is done correctly, a message saying "A Nessie Surfaces!" should appear and an absolute unit of a Nessie plushy should arise from the coast of Swamps.