How to Complete the Trials of Bastion

Here's how to complete the trials of Bastion.
Here's how to complete the trials of Bastion. / Photo Courtesy of Blizzard

How to complete the Trials of Bastion is a question that WoW players have been hungrily searching for answers to since the release of Shadowlands. Here's a brief guide to provide you with all the information you need to get started on the Trials of Bastion.

How to Complete the Trials of Bastion

First off, it’s important to note that Bastion is an area of the Shadowlands expansion, and through progression, you’ll naturally come to the zone. If you were at all worried about missing the Trials or the quality loot that they provide then worry no more. The Trials of Bastion are actually a set of several quests that are designed to test your qualities and award you pieces of paper that serve as proof of that quality.

Among these qualities are Wisdom, Loyalty, Purity, and Humility. All are essential to completing the Treasures of Bastion achievement. Each of the links above will take you to a video by “WoW Quests” on YouTube, and each of the videos will show you how to complete each of the trials. A few of them can be a bit complex so be sure to pay attention.

At the end of the trials you’ll be awarded with a chest. These chests will contain some pretty solid loot. The best of it is cosmetic, but there are some moderately useful items as well. Really, it all depends on how well you roll. If you’re looking for cool cosmetics like the “Harmonious Sigil of the Archon,” then pray to the RNG gods.