Trial of Wisdom WoW Shadowlands, Explained

Trial of Wisdom Wow Shadowlands Explained
Trial of Wisdom Wow Shadowlands Explained / Photo Courtesy of Blizzard

Trial of Wisdom in WoW Shadowlands is one of the many exciting new additions to the game that came with the Shadowlands expansion. If you can manage to complete this somewhat complex challenge then you’ll get the chance to open the Gift of Thenios, a chest that contains some pretty excellent loot. Of course, the quality of the loot is dependent on how lucky you are.

Potentially the best item to get out of the chest is the “Harmonious Sigil of the Archon,” pictured above, it is purely cosmetic, but it also looks fantastic. Outside of that purple drop, there are some less desirable items, like the “Ethereal Pomegranate,” a healing item. Several of the items in the chest can be obtained in other ways too, these are the drops you don’t want at all.

Trial of Wisdom WoW Shadowlands Explained

To get the chest itself you’ll need to be in the Bastion zone, between the Citadel of Loyalty and The Eternal Forge. The area is kind of its own standalone zone, though it’s not labeled on the larger map it is called The Eonian Archives. Within the archives, you’ll need to work your way through a series of teleportation nodes that will eventually lead to the chest. This helpful video by “Bue” will show you the exact route to take. Apparently, if you mess up the sequence you’ll be taken back to the start and have to do it all over again. Follow the video closely to avoid disaster.

The pin shows the location of The Eonian Archives
The pin shows the location of The Eonian Archives / Photo Courtesy of WoWHead

Completing the challenge will also reward you with a “Proof of Wisdom,” a little piece of paper that states “You have passed the Trial of Wisdom.”