How to Counter Gekko in Valorant

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Gekko is the brand new Valorant agent, and he is classified as an initiator that has a lot of utility. A key mechanic pertaining to Gekko is that he uses pets for his abilities, and he must pick these pets back up after using them for his abilities to recharge.

Gekko's abilities provide some of the best utility in the game, as he has the capability to concuss, blind, and detain enemies. This makes him one of the best Initiators alongside Breach, as they provide so much stall and push potential for defense and attack.

With everyone stilll getting used to the mechanics of Gekko, here is how players can counter him in game.

How to Counter Gekko in Valorant

One of the best ways players can counter Gekko is to camp his abilities after he uses them, as he will likely try to pick them back up in order to reuse them later in the round. This means that if you play patient enough, you will be able to pick him off in the round, and he will not be able to offer his three types of crowd control (CC) for his team.

Another way to counter Gekko is to rush in with one of your Duelists and pressure him before he is able to utilize his blinding and concussing abilities. This counter is much more dangerous than the first option, but it can be done by using Neon, Jett, or Raze to push quickly via their mobility.

One last way to counter Gekko is to suppress him, so that he cannot use his abilities for a short period of time each round. This can help teams stall or help them secure the site easily. KAY/O is likely the best agent to pick into Gekko for this option, as he is able to suppress with two of his abilities.