How to Defeat Godrick in Elden Ring

Photo courtesy of FromSoftware

In Elden Ring, Godrick the Grafted is the first Demi-God boss players will have the chance to beat. Godrick is located in Stormveil Castle, the game's first Legacy Dungeon. It can be accessed after defeating Margit the Fell Omen. Once in Stormveil Castle, especially for new players, it can be a challenge to find Godrick, who is located at the very end of the dungeon, and through several large groups of enemies, the player must defeat or at least run away from.

How to Defeat Godrick

The best place to stage your attack on Godrick will be the Secluded Cell Site of Grace. The site can be found through the staircase in the back left of the courtyard in Stormveil Castle, perhaps more recognizable as the area with about 20 enemies all waiting for you to come out the main door. If you sneak around the left side of the area under the wooden staircase on the left, and run past the large creature and dog at the back, you'll reach the Site of Grace.

Once there, take care of the basics. Top off your levels, make sure your primary weapon is leveled up to at least +3, +6 for a little extra damage output. Allocate your flasks for the fight, and consider leaning heavily on HP for this fight, as Godrick carries mild-moderate resistances to magic, fire, lightening, and holy damage types but none to physical damage.

Once you're ready for the fight, there will be an NPC summon available to you by the mist marking the entrance to the fight. This NPC will be Nepheli Loux, and like in the Margit fight, will be key to keeping Godrick distracted from you, allowing you to take its health down. Spirit Summons can further serve this purpose despite their limited health, and if you are efficient enough they can make it to the second stage of the fight.

For both ranged and melee users, staying out of Godrick's area of effect attacks will be key. Godrick has several attacks with large areas of effect, which becomes more of a problem in his second stage when he begins to deal fire damage as well. Using the surrounding trees and rocks for cover is a good strategy for avoiding this. Ranged and magic users that keep moving, and try to stay behind Godrick will fare the best in this fight.

For melee users the challenge is a little greater. While the principle of staying moving to get behind Godrick to deal damage is the same, in practice it is more challenging. You will need to rely on learning the patterns and tells of Godrick's attacks, so as to know when it is safe to get in behind. Following up a hit while Godrick is preparing an attack with a combo can delay his next attack, but be careful with how aggressive you choose to run in, as one wrong read will end your fight early.