How to Defeat The Huntress in God of War Ragnarök

Santa Monica Studio | Screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs

The Huntress is the third major fight you'll encounter in God of War Ragnarök. Here's how to defeat her.

As Kratos and Atreus make their way over to a temple in Midgard, they'll come across the bodies of numeros slain Raiders. They'll even see one impaled by a chain and dragged off into the wilds. Without much idea of what they're up against, Kratos advises the party that they should be on their guard.

Eventually, players will encounter a wall to climb. Kratos will begin the ascent only to be ripped down after being impaled by a chain. It's revealed that the creature who has been attacking all these Raiders is The Huntress — a centaur-like creature.

How to Defeat The Huntress in God of War Ragnarök

This fight isn't as long as the fight against Thor or Bjorn, but it can be a pain if you let The Huntress do too much damage.

You'll be without your shield for this fight as it breaks immediately, and you'll have to rely on excessive dodging to avoid damge. Early on, The Huntress' horns will start glowing which Atreus will point out could be a weak point. It's a small target, but by throwing either your Leviathan Axe or Blades of Chaos at them it will be enough to knock her down temporarily.

When she's down, rush in with a flurry of attacks to chip away at her health. She'll get back up rather quickly, however.

The Huntress' attacks are fire-based. She'll launch fiery arrows at Kratos from a distance, knocking him back slightly and doing some decent damage. She'll also launch a volley of arrows into the ground, which will explode. Dodge out of the way of all of these attacks to avoid taking too much damage.

Ranged attacks will be the most efficient way to take her down, but you can also chip away with some close combat. Be wary, as she tends to kick about if you're too close.

She doesn't have much armor, so with good aim and a bit of patience you'll have her down in no time.