How to Delete Items in Valheim

Players have been wondering how to delete items in Valheim.
Players have been wondering how to delete items in Valheim. / Photo courtesy of Iron Gate Studio

Players have been wondering how to delete items in Valheim. With the massive amounts of resources and equipment that they will encounter in the game, in addition to the limited storage provided by chests, it should not be surprising that they have had this on their mind.

When players first embark on their Valheim journey and begin to collect resources and craft new gear, chests will provide them with all of their storage needs. Eventually, the number of items they collect can become overwhelming, and finding a place to store them can become a nuisance. While players can build a house purely for the purpose of storage, the task of managing resources and equipment could become a nightmare. A viable alternative to storing items is to destroy them, and although players are able to do this in the game, some may not know that this is a possibility.

How to Delete Items in Valheim

With the excessive amount of resources and gear that become useless later in the game, some players have been demanding that Iron Gate Studio introduce a simple mechanism for destroying items. There is currently only one way to get rid of items in Valheim, aside from dropping them in the water. To permanently remove items, players can use console commands. The steps to do so are as follows:

  1. Press F5 to open the dev console
  2. Type in "imacheater" and press Enter
  3. Type in "removedrops" and press Enter

Players should know that the aforementioned technique will remove all items within a given distance. To avoid losing any valuables, they should use the console commands while they are far away from their chests.

Iron Gate Studio recently released Patch 0.147.3. Although the update only made changes to the game's server, players are hoping that future patches will address the lack of a deletion mechanism for items. Some are also demanding other changes, including more customization options and the ability to tame more animals. By the time that the full version of Valheim is released, players should expect Iron Gate Studio to introduce a variety of improvements to the game.