How to do a Behind the Net Pass in NHL 23

How to do a Behind the Net Pass in NHL 23
How to do a Behind the Net Pass in NHL 23 / EA

EA has brought some changes to their latest hockey game with the release of NHL 23. One big addition has to be the behind the net pass.

In December of 2021, Anaheim Ducks forward and NHL 23 cover athlete, Trevor Zegras shocked the hockey world with a ridiculous behind-the-net pass that ended up in the back of the net against the Buffalo Sabres.

The hockey world was electric after that amazing play by Zegras, and EA Sports obviously saw it. Not only is he one of the cover athletes this year, but they also added the behind the net pass into NHL 23.

How to do a Behind the Net Pass in NHL 23

In order to do the behind the net lacrosse pass players will need to put the puck on their forehand, press and hold L1, R3 and R1 on PlayStation while sliding the right stick down counterclockwise from the players forehand.

On the Xbox, the method is similar. Players will hold the puck on their forehand while holding LB, RS and RB while sliding the right stick counter clockwise as well. Both controls have the same layout, just with the different names for PlayStation to Xbox, so there is no competitive advantage with the execution of the move.

Besides that, make sure there is a teammate in the slot ready to receive the pass and bat in the loose puck. If you are playing an online game with friends, make sure you call out to your teammates that you are trying this play.

If you want to see how to do the pass in a video, check out Nasher's tutorial on youtube:

NHL 23 is out now with cross-platform matchmaking being added to the game in November.