How to Earn Gargantuan Grrloc Ground Mount in World of Warcraft

Courtesy of Blizzard

Gargantuan Grrloc Ground is one of the new mounts in World of Warcraft! Proven to be the biggest murloc to have entered into the game thus far, players will now be able to ride and attack enemies with a height advantage.

Gargantuan Grrloc Ground has similar gameplay mechanics to the Gronnling mounts. Summoned by throwing a fish, the murloc will appear, out of thin air, by jumping over a player’s head. This new mount has another unique animation for its /mountspecial emote where players are able to tease the large creature with a fish. 

How to Earn Gargantuan Grrloc Ground Mount in World of Warcraft

Players are able to receive Gargantuan Grrloc Ground Mount through World of World of Warcraft’s newest 12-month subscription bundle. For a discounted rate of $155.88, this promotional offer equates to spending $12.99 a month, saving $24.00 a year. For this discounted rate, players are also to get more out of their subscription to World of Warcraft.

The 12-month subscription bundle gives players access to both World of Warcraft and WoW Classic— including Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Additionally, this limited-time deal will award players the benefits of the current six-month subscription and three additional mounts that are not available in WoW Classic titles.

Along with Gargantuan Grrloc Ground Mount, players will be able to redeem Nether-Gorged Greatwyrm Mount and the Telix the Stormhorn Mount.