How to Evolve Wimpod in Pokemon GO

Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company.

Wimpod, in honor of the Pokemon GO and the Pokemon Trading Card Game crossover event, is making its Pokemon GO debut.

Wimpod is one of many Pokemon that will be featured in special Pokemon GO TCG event. Of course, it is not only Wimpod that is making its first appearance in Pokemon GO. Its evolution, Golisopod, has also been added to Pokemon GO. How do players evolve their Wimpod into Golisopod? Keep reading to find out.

How to Evolve Wimpod in Pokemon GO

Evolving Wimpod is a fairly simple, but long process. To evolve Wimpod into Golisopod, players will have to collect 400 Wimpod candy. Wimpod only gives three Wimpod Candy upon being caught, so players will have to take their time in gathering up enough Candy to be able to evolve their skittish bug into Golisopod.

The Pokemon GO and Pokemon TCG crossover event will occur from June 16-30. Wimpod is more likely to appear in the wild while the event is ongoing, so players should take this time to hunt for Wimpod while they are easier to find. Players can also encounter Wimpod through one-star raids and Field Research events.

To learn more about the crossover event, check out the Pokemon GO website.