How to Explore the Bottom of the Well in Genshin Impact

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Exploring the bottom of the well is a step in the "A Strange Story in Konda" quest in Genshin Impact. Players will come across this quest relatively early on in their travels through Inazuma, and exploring the well may be their first big hurdle to completing the questline and unlocking more Inazuma content.

As the first quest in the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual questline, "A Strange Story in Konda" follows the Traveler as they unearth the secret behind Konda Village and unlock the dried well. Once the well is unlocked, exploring it fully can be quite a challenge. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough guide for how to explore the bottom of the well.

How to Explore the Bottom of the Well in Genshin Impact

Once you descend into the well, you'll notice the surroundings are particularly dark. If you're having trouble seeing your surroundings, turning on Elemental Sight can help.

Grab the Exquisite Chest waiting for you at the bottom of the well, and then destroy the Electro Rock Pile. You can use elemental reactions such as Overloaded, Superconduct, or Swirl to do this. The rock pile will reveal a path leading deeper underground.

Follow the path and you'll see an Electric Seelie. Follow it into the underground cavern, and don't forget to grab the Common Chest on one of the platforms it passes by. Once the seelie reaches its destination, jump down and destroy the crates on the right to reveal a path. Follow the path to find an Electroculus near the fox statues.

Genshin Impact screenshot, electro barrier
Use an Electrogranum to pass through the barrier /

Return to the seelie and climb up the ladder nearby, and you'll find a Thunder Sakura Bough. Use it to summon an Electrogranum and pass through the Electro Barrier.

Now you'll need to solve a puzzle. Interact with the lantern in front of the gate and use the Ward on it. An image will appear on the gate, and your task is to change the order of the four other lanterns in the room so that when connected in that order, they form the image you see. The correct order in a counterclockwise direction from the first lantern is 2-3-5-4.

Then, pray at the first lantern, and an Ochimusha will appear. Defeat it, and you'll trigger a cutscene where you speak to Kazari and complete the quest.

Don't leave yet, though - there are still some important rewards in the well. Use the Thunder Sakura Bough in the room to summon an Electrogranum, and climb up the nearby wall to go through the Electro Barrier. Climb up again to see a door leading to a room, where you'll find a Luxurious Chest, an Old Stone Slate (for the "The Farmer's Treasure" quest) and a Rust-Worn Key.

Genshin Impact screenshot
Head through this door to find some treasure /

Exit the room the way you came, and this time climb up the two ladders in front of you to find a gate leading outside and another Electroculus.

Now, you've fully explored the bottom of the well in Konda Village. Check out our guide on the next quest in the questline, Sacrificial Offering, to progress further in your journey through Inazuma.