How to Fast Travel in Starfield

New Atlantis in Starfield
New Atlantis in Starfield / Bethesda Game Studios

Now that Starfield is officially out, all players can finally delve into The Settled Systems.

With several massive planets to explore, there has to be a way for gamers to fast travel. In fact, there are several methods to do so.

Players have the option to grav jump from planet to planet in Starfield. In short, grav jumping is fast traveling via spaceship. Unlike grav jumping, fast traveling to a nearby area requires a hand scanner. 

How to Fast Travel in Starfield

You'll have to start by unlocking the fast travel feature. Luckily, it's available early in the game. While completing the One Small Step mission on a planet called Kreet, you'll gain access to the hand scanner in the Kreet Research Base. 

Once you've gotten the hand scanner, you can fast travel! Here's how:

  1. Press LB (F on PC) to bring up your scanner.
  2. Point at the icon marking the area you'd like to travel to.
  3. Press A (E on PC).

When you fast travel on foot, you can't bring your ship. However, you'll be able to get back to it via the fast travel method above. 

It's important to note that you can't fast travel from some areas, especially when docked at another ship/space station. You also won't be able to fast travel if you're over-encumbered, so it's best to learn how to manage your load while playing.

Remember, the scanner isn't only for fast traveling. Players can use it to learn more about the wildlife, flora, and resources on planets. You can even view detailed information about a creature, such as its temperament, genetics, biomes, etc.