How to Find Aether Clusters in Grim Dawn

Courtesy of Crate Entertainment

Grim Dawn players might be wondering how they can find Aether Clusters. These clusters give players temporary stat buffs that are incredibly useful in big battles.

Released back in 2016, Grim Dawn is a popular Action RPG developed by Crate Entertainment that sees players complete quests and explore the fantasy landscape in order to improve their character. Many character upgrades are permanent increases in stats. However, some upgrades come in the form of consumable items that only give stat buffs for a temporary period.

One such item is the Aether Cluster, which gives players 90 Second Skill Recharge, 8 Second Duration, 75% Damage Absorption and 100% Skill Disruption Protection.

How to Find Aether Clusters in Grim Dawn

To find Aether Clusters in Grim Dawn, players need to find and kill Aetherial Creatures. There are a large variety of Aetherial Creatures across the in-game world, so check the Aetherial Creatures wiki to find some.

On top of killing Aetherial Creatures, players can also find Aether Clusters in the hidden lab found after killing Darius Cronley. In the Cronley's Secret quest, players have the option to keep the Aether Clusters or leave them alone. Therefore, if you're looking to gather some sweet Aether Clusters, then keep them for yourself as a reward for defeating the head of Cronley's Gang.