When Does Farthest Frontier Leave Early Access?

Courtesy of Crate Entertainment

Farthest Frontier players might be wondering when the title will leave Early Access. According to the estimate provided by Crate Entertainment on their Steam page, Farthest Frontier should exit Early Access sometime between April 2023 and August 2023.

The latest game by Grim Dawn developers Crate Entertainment, Farthest Frontier is a new city builder game where players harvest and scavenge for materials to provide for their villagers. On top of building your settlement into a proper town, players must defend themselves against outside threats looking to take it all away. The game also includes an incredibly in-depth farming simulator that accurately takes into account frost, heat and even soil fertility.

When Does Farthest Frontier Leave Early Access?

Since Farthest Frontier just released on Steam Early Access earlier this month, it will likely take nearly a year before the full-release version finally comes out. On their Steam page, the developers estimate that the game will come out 8-12 months after its Early Access release. This means that Farthest Frontier should fully release between April 2023 and August 2023.

However, this estimate is not a commitment, and plenty of Steam Early Access titles have taken longer to release than their original estimate. If you don't want to play the game before it's fully completed, then it might be best to wait on this one. The Steam page reveals that the price will probably not increase from its current $29.99 price tag once the full release comes out.