How to Find Page 53 in Tunic

Courtesy of Finji

Finding Page 53 in Tunic gives players hints on how to solve the Sacred Geometry artifact.

Tunic's charmy, beautiful gameplay made its debut back in March giving fans something to sink their RPG teeth into.

One of its main features, that helps to speed up a sense of progression, is the unlocking of certain pages in the game. These can give helpful tips and hints, along with some special lore points and artwork. To collect all 56 is a tough challenge so here's a guide on how to find one of the trickier pages.

Page 53 Location in Tunic

Page 53 is found in the Overworld area. Make your way to the Old House, and then wander around it, until you manage to find a room with what looks to be a d-pad, and a set of stone stairs going up. Head over to the d-pad, and look at the wall. It will seem as if there's an old-school cheat sheet there, with a combination of button presses to perform. Simply follow the instructions, and a door will open allowing you to grab both 52 and 53 inside the cave.

Page 53 has some useful tips when it comes to solving a puzzle regarding the Sacred Geometry artifact, where it tells you how to time a certain event properly using a rope and a sailboat.

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