How to Find Salazar's Sovereign Blade in Grim Dawn

Courtesy of Crate Entertainment

Grim Dawn players might be wondering how to find Salazar's Sovereign Blade. The rare weapon gives players a variety of stat buffs to help them take down anyone from creatures to bosses.

In the hit Action RPG released by Crate Entertainment, Grim Dawn has players create their customizable character from a variety of classes such as Arcanist, Shaman, and Demolitionist. As part of the customization, players can pick from a large variety of weapons with various stat improvements. One such weapon is Salazar's Sovereign Blade which gives characters increased Physical Damage, Armor Piercing, and various other damage buffs.

How to Find Salazar's Sovereign Blade in Grim Dawn

In order to find Salazar's Sovereign Blade, players must first defeat Salazar, Blade of Ch'thon. This unique boss can be found in the Depraved Sanctuary. Once you defeat him, Salazar only has a 12% chance of dropping Salazar's Sovereign Blade.

If Salazar's Sovereign Blade fails to drop after beating the boss for the first time, you will have to reset and try again. Unfortunately, there is no easier way of acquiring the weapon. On top of looking for the Blade, Salazar also drops the Blood of Ch'thon at a 22% chance. This item is a crafting material used to craft items including the Skeleton Key.