How to Fix Rocket League Error 68

Photo via Psyonix / Rocket League

Having trouble fixing Error 68 in Rocket League? Look no further. 

Despite entering its eighth season on Sept. 8, Rocket League servers continue to experience connection issues that prevent people from joining matches. Simply telling players, “Your connection to the game timed out,” is too broad of a statement and makes troubleshooting Error 68 especially difficult and confusing. Playable on the PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, there are multiple reasons why players might be receiving this error. To get you back in the vehicular soccer arena as soon as possible, here is a breakdown of how to fix Error 68.

How to Fix Rocket League Error 68

Here are the steps players should follow when troubleshooting for Error 68:

Step 1: Check to see if you have been banned
Being banned is one of the most common ways players can receive this error. Unfortunately, the game sometimes does not notify you when you are banned. This temporary ban can be caused by disorderly conduct in-game or by just leaving too many matches. If this is the case, solving this error is simple; just wait for the duration of the ban sentence. Though each ban vary in length, they typically last for around 15 minutes.

Step 2: Check to see if servers are down
If Rocket League is experiencing a lot of traffic at one time, it might result in the servers crashing. Here, users should continue to retry connecting for a couple of minutes, and, if it doesn't work, move to step 3.

Step 3: Time to Restart
For step 3, users should try restarting, the app, the wifi, and the console since the source of the error is not known. Restarting the app whether it's directly downloaded in your console, or if it is played through Steam is a good way for it to refresh itself and reconnect to the internet. If it is your internet connection that is weak, it is best to solve this issue by restarting the router. Along with restarting the router, it will improve connectivity to restart your console as well.

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