How to Get a Metal Coat in Pokemon GO

Photo by Niantic

Pokemon evolution is a bit of a complicated topic in Pokemon GO. Many Pokemon can evolve through traditional means, such as giving them candy or walking a bit with them at a certain time of day. There are a few that require items in addition to candy, and one of those items is the Metal Coat. Here’s how to get one in Pokemon GO.

In the mainline games, Metal Coat was a supplementary item that allowed certain species to evolve through trading. When held and traded, the item would trigger an evolution from the Pokemon. This item’s reprisal in Pokemon GO works in a similar manner, now having the player simply use the item in addition to any candies required, with no trading necessary. 

How to Get a Metal Coat in Pokemon GO

Metal Coats can be acquired through spinning Photo Disks, completing research tasks, and gifts. When spinning Photo Disks, there’s a small chance that a player will receive a Metal Coat as their payout, in addition to other Johto evolution items. A player is guaranteed to receive one Johto evolution item if they spin the Photo Disk for seven days straight, so this is the best way to earn a Metal Coat.

The following two Pokemon require the item to evolve, in addition to candy:

  • Scyther to Scizor, requires the item and 50 Scyther candy.
  • Onix to Steelix, requires the item and 50 Onyx candy.

Scizor and Steelix cannot be found in the wild and can only be acquired through this method. Shiny versions of these Pokemon exist as well, so Trainers who have shiny Scythers and Onixs are advised to get some Metal Coats.