How to Get Clears in Rocket League

How to Get Clears in Rocket League
How to Get Clears in Rocket League / Photo courtesy of Epics Games | Psyonix Team

Learning how to get clears in Rocket League could mean the difference between winning and losing for your team. The free-to-play game is all about being able to do things better and faster than the other team, and getting a good clear is no different. As the old saying goes, you have to learn how to walk before you can learn how to run, and the same goes for hitting the ball and getting clears.

How to Get Clears in Rocket League

First off, if you don't understand what a clear is, you should check out this brief article we published defining what a Clear is in Rocket League. By now, you're probably familiar with some of the in-game mechanics like "you hit ball, ball goes other way" and "I hit ball fast, ball goes other way faster." There is more to getting a good clear than those principles, and understanding your car is the way to do so.

The cars in Rocket League have one of six different hit boxes, but generally speaking, they all operate on similar principles. The weakest hit you can have on the ball is when you hit it with your wheels, and the strongest hits come from the front bumper, specifically the corners, of the car.

It doesn't matter how fast the ball is coming at you if you hit the ball with the wrong part of your car. Such miss-hits could lead to the ball going straight up in the air, losing all momentum on the ground, scoring on yourself, or a number of other various outcomes.

To get a good clear, angle your car so that the front bumper is always facing the ball when you're looking to get a big hit. This is easier said than done, so the best way to practice this mechanic is to head to the in-game Free Training mode. Hit the ball off the walls of the practice arena, and then reposition yourself to get a good hit on the ball forcing it to go in the opposite direction.

You'll figure out soon enough that the ball redirects based on the angle your car hits the ball. For example, if you hit the ball center mass with your front bumper as it's coming across from the side of the field you may be able to redirect a clear that sends the ball top speed towards the other team's goal. This becomes particularly handy if all opposing team members are pushed up, as a good clear could see your team score an easy goal.

It's a constant repetition of practicing redirecting and car angle to master this mechanic, but it's well worth having the skillset in your defensive arsenal. Doing this often will see your clears improve in function, and keep the opposing team on their backwheels at all times.