How to Get Fanghorn Antlers in Horizon Forbidden West

Photo courtesy Guerrilla Games/Screenshots: Alexandra Hobbs

To get Fanghorn antlers in Horizon Forbidden West will require Aloy to find a Fanghorn and defeat it or shoot at this mechanical beast in order to penetrate the antlers. The antlers can be utilized as an upgradable material for items like weapons and armor in which Aloy can grow stronger throughout the game.

How to Get Fanghorn Antlers in Horizon Forbidden West

Fanghorns are machines that will attack Aloy and other humans as well as consume the natural resources around the world to convert to biofuel. Being very dangerous to attack, it uses fire as its main weapon when clasping its horn.

But to find and take the Fanghorn antlers, players must go to Chainscrape where some Fanghorns will be around the area.

As they roam, make sure to remember that Fire Damage is not ideal when attacking the Fanghorns, instead, opt for a more cold alternative as they are more prone to Frost Damage. 

Attacking the antlers first would be a great first step in order to destroy the machine, but be wary once they are taken off as the Fanghorn will still attack with its fire, As dodging is the key to winning. 

Aiming for the back next will end in a swift battle, where loot will become available, especially the Fanghorn antlers.