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How To Get Free Skins in League of Legends

Riot Girl Tristana Slash Art
Riot Girl Tristana Slash Art / courtesy of Riot Games

Free skins in League of Legends are obtainable through several ways.

League of Legends might be a free game, but in-game purchases are common. Likewise, skins have become a big part of League of Legends. It does not effect any of our performances, yet players still greed for the special looks provided for their favorite champions.

Ever since prestige editions emerged for skins, players have used them to show love for their favorite champions. The skin system in League of Legends has now become something more than just a change of looks. It is a flex of money and a show of friendship. So how to you compete if you don't want to dish out the necessary cash?

How To Get Free Skins in League of Legends

Skins are definitely not a requirement to play League of Legends. As mentioned earlier, it does not effect game performance either. If you are not interested in investing money but wish to obtain skins, here are several ways to do so.

Hextech Boxes / Orbs

The easiest ways to get skins is to get skin shards. These are obtainable through Hextech Boxes and Orbs. You can use orange essences to take a specific skin shard in your bag or re-roll three skin shards for a random free skin.


Riot partners with League of Legends content creators. These partners are given free skin codes to give out to fans.

Once you enter these codes, you will be given not only the skin, but the champion and an emerald chroma as well. Two downsides of this method is you don't get to choose what skin you want and you have to keep up with creators.

End of Season Rewards

At the end of every season, Riot Games releases a Victorious skin and chromas. You can receive the skin if your rank is Gold or higher. The downside of this is you must be above Gold- yet note that the rank does not necessarily have to be Solo/Duo ranked.

Hextech Skins

While opening Hextech boxes or Orbs, you may have ran into Hextech gems. These are rare gems allowing you to unlock special skins that cannot be bought from the store. All skins cost 10 gems. Yet these skins are known to have not the best designs. You may want to consider using the gems to get a golden Hextech box for skin shards instead of collecting 10 gems.

Riot Games Events

Riot Games hosts various offline events for people to come in and enjoy the gaming culture together. If these events are officially sponsored by the company, they usually give out free skin codes for visitors.

Earlier this year, a live orchestra performance in South Korea gave out Pengu Cosplay Tristana codes. League of Legends World Championship games gave visitors skin codes every year.


The last method is to be gifted a skin by your friend. Once you are friends with someone more than 24 hours, you are able to send them skins, icons, and various other gifts.