How to Get Marching Orders Apex Legends Skin for Free

The Marching Orders G7 Scout skin is available for free
The Marching Orders G7 Scout skin is available for free / Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Apex Legends kicked off its holiday event Thursday, offering players plenty of new cosmetics to celebrate the season. The Marching Orders weapon skin is one of those cosmetics, redesigning the G7 Scout to fit the festivities.

The Apex Legends Marching Orders skin decks out the G7 in red, gold and black, but its primary stylistic departure is that the magazine now features a nutcracker with its mouth wide open. Teeth appear on either end of the magazine.

Players can earn the Marching Orders by completing the Start the Party at Mirage Voy'age challenge. To do so, players must make their way to the floating ship and find the screen in the balcony above the dance floor.

Activating the screen will set off fireworks and music, likely attracting other players to the dance floor and inviting conflict. Players don't need to survive the onslaught if they're only looking to complete the challenge — they should receive the Marching Orders once the match ends regardless of whether they win or lose.