How to Get Minty Pickaxe Fortnite

Minty Pickaxe Fortnite is something everyone is wondering about ever since certain players have gotten access to the item before it has been officially released into the game. While the Minty Candy Axe has already been in the game for quite some time, it has been revealed that there is a new style featuring the pickaxe with blue stripes and green flames. However, you still might have to wait just a little bit longer to get the skin in-game.

Here is how to get Minty Pickaxe in Fortnite.

How to Get Minty Pickaxe Fortnite

Certain GameStop locations have alre ady been given codes for the new Minty Candy Axe style for a future promotion between the company and Fortnite. However, a few of these stores have already started to hand out the access codes to receive the pickaxe in-game prior to the official promotional period.

According to reddit user u/firemonkey11, GameStop employees are being told to not give out the promotional cards with the codes for the Minty Candy Axe, as district managers have caught onto codes being leaked early.

In order to get the Minty Candy Axe as of now, you can either wait for the official promotion between GameStop and Fortnite to begin where they will give out the codes without any issues, or you can try to find a code that has already been leaked before GameStop locations have started to crack down on preventing further leaks of the item. According to firemonkey11, who has had contact with a number of GameStop locations, the codes should be available soon.