How to Get Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO: Kanto and Galar Forms

Image provided by Niantic
Image provided by Niantic /

Mr. Mime might not be a particularly popular Pokemon, but it’s a sought-after monster within Pokemon GO due to its rarity. As of now, both regional variants of Mr. Mime are present in Pokemon GO, each with different availability and locations of capture. Here’s how to get one.

Mr. Mime was first introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue, with it’s Ice/Psychic variant introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The original Mr. Mime, known colloquially as it’s Kantonian form, is the evolved form of Mime Jr., while its Galarian counterpart can evolve into Mr. Rime. 

However, the upcoming Safari Zone event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has this Mr. Mime is a featured Pokemon, so those outside of Europe finally have a chance to capture one. Players don’t even have to travel to Philadelphia to participate in the event.

In order to join the Safari Zone, a player must have bought a ticket to the event, and the featured Pokemon will be attracted to incense during the timeframe specified on the ticket purchased, no matter where they are in the world. At this time, no more tickets can be sold.

How to Get Mr Mime in Pokemon GO

Kantonian Mr. Mime

Kantonian Mr. Mime is a Europe-exclusive Pokemon, so there is no way a Trainer elsewhere can capture this wild Pokemon under normal conditions. One way this Mr. Mime can be obtained by evolving a Mime Jr., which can only be obtained from an egg obtained in Europe. Once hatched, this evolution can occur by walking 15km and feeding it 50 candies.

Galarian Mr. Mime

At this time, there is currently no way to obtain a Galarian Mr. Mime, as the event featuring this regional-variant has long since passed. Galarian Mr. Mime was part of a Special Research event in Holiday 2020, and has not returned since then. Perhaps this specific Pokemon will return in the next Holiday season and give new players an opportunity to score this rare monster.

The upcoming Safari Zone event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will occur from Oct. 29 to 31.