How to Get Pichu in Pokemon GO

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

Pichu is one of the most popular Pokemon from the franchise, standing proudly in almost every piece of Pokemon media. Pokemon GO is no exception, as the electric mouse has also established itself in the real world. However, the method of obtaining it is different from it’s older, more-popular counterpart, so here is how to get Pichu in Pokemon GO.

Pichu first appeared in Pokemon Gold and Silver, making its debut in Pokemon GO on Dec. 2016 in an update that introduced other Johto babies like Togepi. As the pre-evolved form of Pikachu, this fan-favorite Pokemon has transcended beyond the ordinary Pokemon status, starring in animated shorts, movies, and even the Super Smash Bros. series with its recent reprisal in Ultimate. It’s an adorable little mouse, and it’s one that defined itself as a series mascot.

How to Get Pichu in Pokemon GO

To obtain a Pichu in Pokemon GO, players must hatch one from an egg, which is a decision left to chance.  Players typically have no influence over what specific Pokemon egg they obtain, therefore not having any influence of what can come from it, which is a stark contrast from the breeding mechanics currently implemented in the mainline series. 

Eggs are usually obtained randomly from the in-game world, as players can receive them when spinning a PokeStop. However, for those who wish to obtain rare eggs, players would do things like defeat Team Rocket leaders or open gifts. 

Pichu can now be hatched in Pokemon GO, so players should keep their fingers crossed in hopes of acquiring one.