How to Get the Evasion Protocol Blueprint in Warzone

How to Get the Evasion Protocol Blueprint Warzone
How to Get the Evasion Protocol Blueprint Warzone / Photo Courtesy of Activision

Here's how to get the Evasion protocol blueprint in Warzone. With the new season of Call of Duty: Warzone being released, players are already scrambling to find any new items they can. One of the secret items players have been trying to find lies behind a coded yellow door on Rebirth Island.

Rebirth Island is the new map in Warzone where players can enjoy a less aggressive approach to a game with only 40 players. This game mode and map has a few different rules from your standard Battle Royale, including the ability to respawn if you survive the "Rebirth Countdown". With that said, players found a coded yellow door that looked like it leads to a bunker. These bunkers have always been around Verdansk, and have come with other weapon blueprints as well.

To get through the yellow door, you'll need a briefcase, and unfortunately there isn't a specific location to find the briefcase. However, Geeky Pastimes, found it at Security, near the helicopter pad, the docks, and more.

How to Get the Evasion Protocol Blueprint in Warzone

Next, you'll need to open the briefcase which will contain three photos of locations in the game, and you'll have to find the three parts of the code in order to get into the bunker. Go to all three of those locations and find the code. Now, these photo's are not very descriptive and it's tough to decipher where the photo's are taken. So you will need to become rather familiar with the map to know where to go.

Once you've collected all three codes, go to the big yellow door, open it up, and you'll get a bunch of loot plus the new SMG loadout, Evasion Protocol.

While this is very complicated, hopefully once more information is gathered, there will be a map that will point out all the locations of the photos and the briefcase spawn points. But until then, this will be a more difficult Call of Duty: Warzone task to complete, no shortcuts to purchasing this blueprint, unlike others.