How to Get the Weapon Case From DMZ Building 21 in Warzone 2


DMZ Mode's Building 21 has its own weapon case up for grabs in Warzone 2. Here's how to get your hands on it.

There's been a lot of secrecy surrounding the additional content of Building 21 in Warzone 2's DMZ Mode. Almost all of its content, including how to get there, has been left up to the player to work out. But hidden inside the fortress is one major challenge, in which players can extract a weapons case from the building.

Guarded by bots, puzzles and other players is an armory, inside which is a weapons case containing a possible weapon charm, calling card, blueprint and more. Players will have a near-impossible time attempting to claim the goods solo, so we'd recommend a three to four-person team for the run.

How to Get the Weapon Case From DMZ Building 21 in Warzone 2

One you and your team have loaded into Building 21, you'll want to follow these steps:

  1. Find a staircase. Look for one spawning on the outer edges of the map.
  2. Head to the lowest level of the building and look for a server room. It will be lit by red lights instead of white.
  3. After a few minutes of game time, a message will appear stating that the security locks have been deactiviated. You'll now be able to enter the server room.
  4. Look for a server rack that you can interact with. It'll take 30 seconds to activiate, but it can be interrupted if you're downed or you let go of the button.
  5. With the server hacked, head back to the staircase and move to the top floor.
  6. An armory room with an orange door will now be opened.
  7. Inside you'll find a safe that will need to be broken into. Inside the safeis the weapons case. Extract it via the elevator.

How to Get All Weapon Case Rewards From DMZ Building 21 in Warzone 2

The weapons case will need to be retrieved six times in total from Building 21 in order to claim all rewards. Players will earn the following depending on how many times they collect the weapons case;

  1. Going Bark weapon charm
  2. Weapon Rover calling card
  3. Roar weapon sticker
  4. Company Sniper emblem
  5. Camo Cloud vehicle skin for the heavy chopper
  6. Silver Tox weapon blueprint for the chimera assault rifle

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